She is 21 years old and came to Aniket Seva

Meet Julekha Muhammad Shaikh

Meet Julekha Muhammad Shaikh. She is 21 years old and came to Aniket Seva Bhavi Sanstha in the year 2010. She was found in a road accident when she ran away from her school as a 7-year-old. After which she was taken to the Mahila Seva Gram and lived there for a few years as no one came looking for her ever. Sassoon Hospital identified her as MILDLY MENTALLY CHALLENGED after which she had to leave the shelter and was brought to Aniket.

When she came, she was extremely aggressive and picked up constant fights with all the members of the staff. Gradually, with love and compassion she settled down. She has always hated to study. However, she helps a lot with DOMESTIC WORK.

With time, it was also observed that she had tremendous flair for SPORTS and she is excellent at VOLLEYBALL AND FLOOR GAME. Soon she was chosen to PLAY these games at STATE LEVEL and now she travels to Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan etc. to PLAY FLOOR GAME. She has been now selected to play VOLLEYBALL AT AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL and recently travelled to Kolkata for tournaments.

The biggest help required in her case is get her PASSPORT made to be able to play INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENTS. Since she has been declared an orphan since she was 7, there is no legit paperwork that will help in application of her passport or ADHAR CARD.

She loves her sports, dancing and also to go out. She has so far won almost 30 medals in Sports at all levels and wishes to make her career in it.

Speaking about how she has helped

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